Hello everyone,


We hope you are enjoying your summer as much as we are! Whether you are just about to finish your internship or just about to start, I wanted to take a moment to share with you the importance of the final 2 weeks of your internship. Don’t get me wrong, your 1st few weeks of your internship will be a whirlwind. You will be busy settling in, training at your Club, ensuring you make a good impression and forming a bond with your new colleagues because let’s be honest, you only get once to make a good impression.

However, we at BSG feel your final 2 weeks is the most vital of your internship as this will ultimately be the lasting impression you leave of yourself… Here is a few tips & why:


  1. The ultimate goal is to make a clean break without burning bridges. Whether you’ve loved or disliked a particular areas/situation about the internship, the decent thing to do is try to make the transition go smoothly for everyone involved. Who knows when you might need to turn to the Club for help in the future!


  1. Keep focused! Your final few weeks will be how your managers and fellow colleagues remember you. It is extremely unlikely that they will remember your very first few days at the Club 7-12 months ago. With that, keep your head down & continue to work hard up until your final day – you don’t want to be remembered as lazy or inconsistent.


  1. Even if you’re excited to be leaving the Club to go on another adventure, you need to adopt an appreciative mindset about the internship and the people you’re leaving behind. You need to be grateful for the things that went well & the skillset that you have just gained. Thoughtful notes to your direct supervisor, mentors, and other people you worked with leave a good impression.


  1. Whilst some think that a simple ‘goodbye’ on your last day is suffice, we believe that is important to sit down with your managers/supervisors on your final day to talk your entire experience through. Not only will this paint a good impression of you, but it will also allow your managers to get a sense of what they are doing right (or wrong in some cases). This will be helpful for prospective students. Thank your managers, tell them what you have gained from this experience and point out any details that you think could have been done differently. You never know, that 10-minute conversation could be a gateway into that Club again!


Experience and past situations has shown us that you can be at any stage in life when you suddenly realise that you need help or a favour from a past employee/manager. This is why we think the above 4 points are vital when finishing your internship & ensuring you have a good relationship with those involved. It is always helpful to drop those who gave you the opportunity an email or message now and again! We of all people know how important it is to have connections and contacts at all ends of the world at all stages in life.

Think towards your future, not just for the present!

Thanks for reading.

Rasheeda x